Color Run Fundraiser Prizes

Posted on 04/24/19

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Check out the amazing Color Run prizes!


The Island View Color Run Fundraiser is up and running and wowza, we have some INCREDIBLE prizes!

If you raise $25, you’ll get admission to the run, a one-of-a-kind race t-shirt, and 1 ticket for the grand prize drawing.


If you raise $50, you also get a light-up spinning top, cool 100% UVB safe sunglasses, a silicone race cup, and 2 tickets for the grand prize drawing


If you raise $100, you’ll add a cool fidget spinner, colorful hair chalk, an Island View Eagle bag.


If you raise $200, your prizes will also include a FREE yearbook, activity watch, and a personal MP3/video player!


But wait… there’s more!

Grand Prize Drawing

For every $20 raised, you’ll get a ticket entered into the grand prize drawing!


Race Captain & Assistant Principal

The top earner for the school gets to help Mr. Hanrahan as Assistant Principal for the Day and gets to start the race on May 18th!


Color Captain

The top earner for each grade level gets to throw color for your class station!


Top Earning Classroom

The classroom that raises the most money wins a game of kickball with Mr. Hanrahan.


Top Classroom Participation

The classroom with the highest percentage of participation gets to choose between an extra recess or an ice cream party!


Check our leaderboard to see how your classroom is doing! We’re so excited for this wonderfully messy fundraiser and we look forward to running with you on May 18th!

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