Island View PTA World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Posted on 10/09/18

Image for Island View PTA World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Image for Island View PTA World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser
Thank you for making our fundraiser a success!

Island View PTA's fundraiser is a smashing success!

Our fundraiser officially wrapped up on Monday and it was a HUGE success!

Our goal of $18,000 was pretty high. In fact, it was higher than we've ever reached for this fundraiser! As one of our two major fundraisers of the year, we had to make this one a success.

As of 10/31/18, Island View students raised a whopping $23,130! That money will pay for SO MUCH at our school!

(If you haven't turned in your money and unsold chocolate bars yet, please do so as soon as possible! We can't return opened boxes for a refund, so please try to sell as many of the bars as you can.)

Classrooms participated in 2 competitions:

Highest Classroom Participation

Ms. Frost's class lead the school with 72% of students selling chocolates. Because they had the highest participation rate, they will get to play a game of kickball with Mr. Hanrahan!

Highest Classroom Sales

The classroom that brings in the most money wins an enormously delicious 5 pound chocolate bar to share with the class! Ms. Frost's students brought in $2,222!

Congratulations to Ms. Frost's class!

But wait, there's more!

Sell 1 Box of Chocolate

Students who sold at least 1 box of chocolate will receive an invitation to bring their family to a special movie screening! We are still finalizing a few of the details and will have more information for families soon.

Top Seller

The student who sells the most chocolate will win this gigantic teddybear! This student will be announced at our assembly next week.

Top 3 Sellers

The top 3 sellers in our World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser get gift certificates to San Juan Lanes Bar and Grill! These students will also be announced at the assembly next week.

Thank you to all of our wonderful teachers and parents for supporting students in this fundraiser. You make this PTA amazing!