Chocolate Fundraiser an Unbelievable Success!!!

Posted on 10/18/19

Image for Chocolate Fundraiser an Unbelievable Success!!! Image for Chocolate Fundraiser an Unbelievable Success!!!
So proud of all of your hard work!

Thanks to YOU the chocolate fundraiser was a HUGE success! We had hoped to raise $20,000, but actually brought in over $32,000!!!!! Wow!

Because we had sooo many big sellers, we awarded the three runners-up bears, too!

Sophia Coonce sold 17 boxes!

Liberty Guffey sold 23 boxes!

Alex Zavala sold 29 boxes!

And Kaezin Berry took home the HUGE bear for selling an unbelievable 34 boxes of chocolates!!!

Mr. Lincoln's class had 73% participation and won a game of Gaga Ball with Mr. Hanrahan!

Ms. Holmes' class brought in the most money ($3,744) and won a five-pound chocolate bar!

Students won a keychain teddy bear for each box sold. They sold so many, we ran out! But fear not - we have ordered more and will distribute them soon.

And every participating family is invited to watch Toy Story 4 at Island View on Saturday, October 19th at 10am!

But the biggest winner of all is everyone here at Island View! This money will pay for so many wonderful things that benefit the entire school.

THANKS AGAIN for your help making this all come true!