Chocolate Fundraiser a HUGE Success!

Posted on 10/24/17

Image for Chocolate Fundraiser a HUGE Success!
Thank you so much for all your support!

Thanks to YOU the chocolate fundraiser was a HUGE success!  We had hoped to raise $8,000, but actually netted nearly $10,000!!!  Wow!

Samantha Robertson sold a whopping 18 boxes and took home a huge teddy bear.  The next three top sellers won gift certificates to Mad Hatters Ice Cream (thanks for the donation, Gary!):  Nathaniel Scofield (13 boxes), Calypso Matteson (11 boxes), and Sydney Johnson (9 boxes).  

Ms. Dale's class had the highest percentage of participants (71%) and will get to play a special game of kick ball with Mr. Hanrahan.  Ms. Wedul's class raised the most money ($1,952) and won a five-pound chocolate bar.  And all 183 students who participated will get a special movie night to thank them for their support.

THANK YOU ALL for a great fundraiser!