Color Run Fundraiser Leaderboard

Posted on 05/10/19

Image for Color Run Fundraiser Leaderboard
Mr. Fountain and Mr. Lincoln capture the lead going into the weekend!

The 2019 Island View Color Run Fundraiser is off to a great start!

So far, we've brought in a total of $7,243 of our $13,000 goal! All donations are due Monday, May 13 at 9:00 am to be eligible for prizes.

Most of that has been from online donations! If you haven't signed up your student for a personalized online donation page, visit our Color Run Online Donation Signup page.

In addition to the incredible individual prizes, the kids have some awesome classroom prizes to earn!

Top Earning Classroom: Class Party

Currently, Mr. Fountain's class maintains the lead with $1,505! Click on the chart below to see each classroom's total.

Most Classroom Participation: Kickball with Mr. Hanrahan

Mr. Lincoln has taken the lead with 33% of his class participating in the fundraiser! Click on the chart below to see each classroom's participation.

Thank you for all your support and hard work to make this fundraiser a success!