Island View Elementary PTA

February 2022 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Island View Families:

Recently, while subbing in a kindergarten class, I was impressed by the growing independence of our youngest students. After the kids finished their math lesson, they turned in their worksheets and got paper and markers to draw pictures. Twenty minutes later I left the room carrying their colorful creations — abstract eagles, rainbows of all sizes, and pastoral pictures of flowers and trees. Their exuberance and unabashed artistic exploration brought me much joy. Young children at school. Having fun. Learning and growing. Feeling a sense of belonging.

Yes, life is good at Island View. 😊

Speaking of learning and growing, this year our districtwide schools are developing new methods to support students academically and emotionally. The official name of the program is Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, or MTSS. This work is being supported by a partnership with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) at the state level. Recently, the Island View MTSS team presented at a school board meeting and explained how staff are supporting students both in classrooms and in small pull-out groups. I was inspired by one student’s remark, “I feel smart at math now!” That level of confidence and joy is our goal at Island View.

I look forward to welcoming families to conference week in early March. Until then, please reach out to me at or at 360-503-1490 if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Brian Hanrahan

We are proud of ALL Anacortes students and staff!

Read more about the wonderful things going on throughout our school district in the winter edition of Anacortes Pride. See how many ISV students, faculty, and staff you can find in there!

Anacortes School Levy Vote

On February 8th, community members will have the opportunity to vote on two levies for the Anacortes School District. These will continue providing funding that was initially approved by Anacortes citizens in 2018.

The first levy, for Educational Programs & Operations, will provide funding for:

  • smaller class sizes than would not be possible with state-funded allocations alone;
  • school counselors, mental health counselors, and nurses;
  • college & career counseling;
  • mental heath services;
  • early learning opportunities - supporting PreK students to be socially and academically ready for a robust educational career;
  • opportunities for multiple pathways, including Advanced Placement, Career & Technical education, and enhanced supports for programs such as special education;
  • sports, arts, clubs, and extracurricular activities;
  • and maintenance, custodial, and food services staffing to schools.

The second levy, for Technology & Capital, will provide continued funding for:

  • instructional and operational hardware, software, and services;
  • staffing to provide technical support for instructional and operational needs;
  • school-wide safety for staff and students, including upgraded fire alarm and security systems;
  • and updating HVAC systems and funding needed maintenance on roof, plumbing, and electrical systems.

If you have further questions about the levy, please contact or the Citizens for Anacortes Schools Facebook page.

ISV Support Opportunities


It's easy to help the Island View PTA raise funds throughout the year, via shopping you're probably already doing! These include Box Tops and Amazon Smile. In fact, so far this year, we've earned $48.40 through Box Tops and over $75 through Amazon Smile! Instructions on how to participate in each of these programs - at no additional cost to your family - are below.

Amazon Smile
Box Tops (English)
Box Tops (Spanish)

Teacher Wish Lists

We can tell that all our teachers at Island View love what they do! 🦅 They love our young Eagles and it shows in everything they give to our students.

❤️ THANK YOU teachers for all you do!!❤️

If you are able, please consider giving back to our amazing teachers by clearing 1 or more items from any of the teachers' lists - it goes a long way towards helping our students have a successful year!

Visit to shop teacher classroom wishlists.

THANK YOU to everyone for your help with clearing the lists!!

Thank You!

Hospitality Updates

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are one month away! We are collecting Jimmy John's gift cards to provide dinner for each Island View Staff member working during evening conferences. Please sign up here if you'd like to contribute!

Staff Favorites

The Hospitality Committee has collected many replies for "Staff Favorites."

If there is a special Island View Staff member you would like to provide with a treat, we have info on individual staff members' favorite coffee shops, healthy and sweet treats, and local businesses.

Just email to find out more!

Island View Staff

Membership Updates

PTA Benefits

Did you know that as a WSPTA member, you are eligible for numerous benefits at businesses and retailers? See below for a complete list!

WSPTA Benefits

PTA Committees

We are so grateful for everyone that has joined the team to support our young Eagles!

We still have several opportunities for you to help make this year amazing for the students and staff at Island View. If you're interested in leading one of these committees or if you're not sure you want to lead, but you'd love to help out, please message or complete the ISV PTA Volunteer Interest Form.

Opportuities to Help the PTA

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 15 @ 6 PM!

Have ideas? Have questions? Just want to be in the know? We're here for you! Watch your email for the Zoom link, then pop in and chat with us.

PTA Meeting on February 15th, 2022

Save These Dates!


  • 8: levy vote
  • 15: PTA Meeting at 6PM via Zoom
  • 21: No school - President's Day
  • 28: Half Day; early release at 12:05PM


  • 1-4: Half Days (conferences); early release at 12:05PM
  • 11: No school - staff development
  • 15: PTA Meeting at 6PM via Zoom

Questions? Please feel free to contact us any time!
President - Eric Mithen
Membership Coordinator - Rachel Esposito
Hospitality Coordinator - Stacey Mahoney